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With this project, the intent is to offer a different way of life in Mont-Tremblant, where the plots of land are large, floor space is optimized to reduce the ecological footprint, and the forest cover is conserved in its entirety. It aims to place each home in a preserved and controlled environment where nature and humans live in harmony – and do so a mere 10 minutes away from the ski slopes.

In taking this approach, MITIK seeks to develop an area of the mountain, honour its history, and create a cohesive and integral development to vacationers looking for tranquility, isolation, value and consistency.

When complete, the 250-acre site will have 53 properties with an average lot size of four acres (180,000 square feet). The site covers the four sides of a mountain and will have a network of forest hiking trails with scenic views spanning the four cardinal points of the Canadian Shield.

MITIKDevelopment Project



Just west of montée Ryan (exit 119 of Route 117), the project overlooks lac Dufour and the lots encircle the mountain summit, resulting in breathtaking views for homeowners. They will also enjoy the 300-acre parkland, 165 of which boasts forest and wetlands that will be protected. It’s an ideal location for nature lovers who can appreciate the vibrant energy of Tremblant but enjoy the tranquility of their own space.

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