This alliance is the fruit of a long collaboration between the two companies, both of which specialize in high-end residential construction. Construction Panache, known for 40 years for its many achievements in the Mont-Tremblant area, joined forces with Les Ensembliers to develop this exceptional site. Les Ensembliers, for its part, has spent the last 15 years designing and realizing outstanding residential projects in Canada and abroad. 

MITIK strives to redefine the criteria for residential development by rethinking the secondary home in the woods, paying attention to detail at every level and relying on a unique expertise developed by leaders in the fields of design and architecture.

For Les Ensembliers, this is an opportunity to consolidate expertise developed in architecture, design and sustainable development in noteworthy projects and make it accessible to clients who care about the project’s quality and intelligence. 

Lastly, it is a project that aligns perfectly with the core values of both partners: to build exceptional sites with respect and passion.


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